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Amin and Akvan
Amin and Akvan
Amin and Akvan develop their business with the help from the ruler of the town. But Akvan’s jealousy towards Amin leads him to sabotage and revenge. During his scheme, the ruler is hurt and Amin is punished. Can Amin survive the predicament?
It is Not Easy
It is Not Easy
This short film shows the healing process of a person who has reached utter despair due to illness. He returns to life with little motivation and puts all his energy into rebuilding his mood so that he can resist the onslaught of a deadly disease.
Maybe I Am Not Alive
Maybe I Am Not Alive
Acid spraying is a nightmare in most Eastern societies and has deprived many women of their normal lives. In our society, this nightmare has been repeated over and over again. "Maybe I'm Not Alive" is a short film about those days.
About Us

"Raora Cottage" is an independent and private group that has worked in various fields, including short animated films, TV series, animated music videos and animated feature films.

In recent years, "Raora Cottage" has expanded its production in the field of production and production of short and feature films, especially in the field of children and adolescents.

"Raora Cottage" started its activity in 2003 with the production of the short animated film "Happy Birthday" and reached full independence with the series "Crows".

The productions of "Raora Cottage" have so far been successful in domestic and foreign festivals.

The success of "Raora Cottage" is based on the efforts and cooperation of artists who work in various specialized fields in "Ravra Cottage".

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